Building the World's Mental Health Workforce.

Empower is a collaboration between GlobalMentalHealth @ Harvard and the 7 Cups Foundation. Our goal is to deploy a digital platform for building the world’s mental health care workforce.  We are developing digital tools to ensure that this workforce has the clinical skills and competencies to deliver brief science-based psychological treatments for mental health problems. The goals of this initiative are aligned with the recommendations of the recent Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health and Sustainable Development (2018): “to exponentially increase access to quality, cutting-edge psychological therapies for mood, anxiety, trauma related and substance use disorders globally”.


7 Cups will design and build the digital platform using its expertise in app-based training of psychosocial therapies. The platform will include the tools developed by Sangath to train and supervise front-line workers in India.


GlobalMentalHealth@Harvard will provide academic oversight to inform the content of the platform, assessments of clinical skills and competency, quality, and impact of the training on provider and patient outcomes. The initiative is guided by a panel of the world’s leading psychological treatment scientists and engages a research design group to standardize the methodology for digitizing curricula and competency assessments.







Are you an individual or institution wanting to help us build the world’s mental health workforce? We believe in co-creation, evidence-based practice, and the potential of technology to transform mental health care.

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